The SocioEconomic Tech Divide: Beginning to Close the Gap

You’ve found this blog post, so you’re obviously enjoying whatever Internet access you’ve got, right?

Do something good for a family in need this holiday who may not be able to manage the mondo cost of high-speed, perpetually-on Internet access some of us enjoy — let them know this is available to them:

And then let Comcast know that this is an appreciated action. THEN let other technology product and service providers know we expect to see them do more to help close the divide as well.

Yes, there are still millions of kids out there who cannot do the research they’re expected to for their homework assignments — because they don’t have Internet access – or even a computer – at home. Some of us just take this stuff for granted. No, I’m not pitching for Comcast. Just making folks aware who may not be. We all need to be aware of this issue and actively doing something to level the playing field for those who need our help. Nothing to me is more unfair than the socioeconomic gap between “The Haves” and “The Have Nots”. Nice to see big business beginning to care and starting to do something to help. Other government and big business need to follow this example. Knowledge and opportunity should be available fairly and equally to all.

Perhaps the more we are aware and demand it from our vendors, leaders and government, the more we’ll see it happen — and THEN we’ll really begin to see some economic recovery in our country.



Wave: Bye Bye

Google not doing the Wave anymore:

Free Tools To Create Diagrams

Visualize Everything: 32 Free Tools To Create Different Diagrams

I’m always on the lookout for free and opensource ways of getting things done, so here are some more links to some free and inexpensive ways to create graphs and charts for class, for business, for whenever you need them…

Blackboard buying Wimba and Elluminate

According to the feedback left at the Chronicle website (…), this may or may NOT be a good thing for lovers of Wimba or Elluminate:

“Today Blackboard Inc. announced plans to buy Elluminate, based in Alberta, Canada, and Wimba, based in New York, both of which sell products that support online learning and student collaboration through online videoconferencing and audio-conferencing tools. The sales must first be approved by the boards of both rivals. Blackboard plans to pay a total of $116-million for the pair.”

Sounds like a lot of folks are liking Moodle over Blackboard. Will this acquisition help Bb cover make up ground in this arena? Or is this bad news for the industry where competition in this segment is already lacking?

ISTE Media Specialists SIG Learning Tools Links

One of the hottest sessions at ISTE 2010 this year was the annual free tools smack-down hosted by SIGMS. Here are a few of the sites that we found particularly interesting:

Sites cited: The Week In Rap, Tagxedo, Google Search Stories, Voki, ZooBurst, Xtranormal, Gale Apps, Pulse for iPad, Garfield teaches Internet safety, Live Binders, and Wordia. Click the link to read the full article.

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More Links to Free Stuff for Educators

Free Microsoft software for schools, from the Fun and Free Friday event

I’m not a huge proponent for things Microsoft, but I like a number of the links on this resource page: PhotoSynth, Community Clips, Pivot, DeepZoom, Office Web Apps are OK if you have to go that route (Google Docs I use more); connecting to Moodle, AutoCollage, Kodu, DreamSpark, the literacy curriculum, FlashCards, pptPlex is cool; InnoVids is a smart idea; and I like the things that percolate in the Partners in Learning Network.

Check it out and see what you think.

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Great Tech Stuff going on at UD Mercy

Courtesy of WWJ’s GLITR, this is a long page, but a great read, especially for those wanting to know where you can learn the latest, or for those who may not believe gems like this not only exist, but thrive in the heart of The D. Thanks for the great article, Matt…

Read more: Lots Of Great Stuff In The City On A Tech Tour Of UD Mercy – WWJ Newsradio 950.

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