Our goal — our Calling —  is to give those around us all the resources and the knowledge to make technology work for them — not against them — those in need of training, and especially supporting those who provide the education and training. We work to help them acquire just the right technology for their needs and helping them to learn how to use it most efficiently and effectively.

About Kappa Beta Technology & Instruction

KBTI is a technology training and design firm dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, skill and passion for technology. We are passionate, mission-driven educators/evangelists that specialize in teaching, instructional technology, web site management and organizational development.

We are dedicated to the philosophy of sharing knowledge and expertise in a friendly and effective manner, as ambassadors of the Information Age, which is and should be boundless to all, regardless of age, race, sex, or financial resource.

Technology has become a regular part of our everyday life. It has drastically proliferated our daily routines since 1980 or thereabouts, and continues to do so more each day. With the speed of technological advancements moving faster than the speed of light, many feel lost in the shuffle. We do not accept this. After all, computers were made for the purpose of making our lives easier — not more difficult, right?
And if you’re so inclined, we’ll help you with your next technology training or design project — tell us what you need on the “How to Reach Us” page.

As always, we appreciate your business.

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Kappa Beta Technology & Instruction


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