Apple’s 9/10 News?… Meh.

image: photo of new silver iphone 5sSo anyone who knows me would probably categorize me as an Apple “fan girl,” though I prefer to see myself as a much more refined and cultured version of that <grin>. But I watched Apple’s announcement yesterday on live blog and am sad to say that I left feeling underwhelmed. I was hoping for an iPhone finally with a bigger screen — and that didn’t materialize. Which is why I haven’t bought an iPhone yet (my big screen Android is doing just fine so far.)

The A7, the M7, the Touch ID, the improved camera — all were nice touches but not enough to make me buy new or extend a contract for. The upgraded iOS 7 sounds nice, too — I’ll probably upgrade my existing devices when/if I can, but still not enough to buy new. Of course, they would make iWork apps free only to those who buy new.

It all just left me feeling kinda sad… kinda nostalgic. I miss Steve 😦

Ah well. Maybe next time.

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