The SocioEconomic Tech Divide: Beginning to Close the Gap

You’ve found this blog post, so you’re obviously enjoying whatever Internet access you’ve got, right?

Do something good for a family in need this holiday who may not be able to manage the mondo cost of high-speed, perpetually-on Internet access some of us enjoy — let them know this is available to them:

And then let Comcast know that this is an appreciated action. THEN let other technology product and service providers know we expect to see them do more to help close the divide as well.

Yes, there are still millions of kids out there who cannot do the research they’re expected to for their homework assignments — because they don’t have Internet access – or even a computer – at home. Some of us just take this stuff for granted. No, I’m not pitching for Comcast. Just making folks aware who may not be. We all need to be aware of this issue and actively doing something to level the playing field for those who need our help. Nothing to me is more unfair than the socioeconomic gap between “The Haves” and “The Have Nots”. Nice to see big business beginning to care and starting to do something to help. Other government and big business need to follow this example. Knowledge and opportunity should be available fairly and equally to all.

Perhaps the more we are aware and demand it from our vendors, leaders and government, the more we’ll see it happen — and THEN we’ll really begin to see some economic recovery in our country.



About KappaDiva
Learning Leader Tech Ed Advocate Empassioned Educator Perpetual Student Professional Learner Chief Learning Officer Tonya is a learning leader, instructional design, performance support and multimedia communications professional, with nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare, information systems, instructional design and training, web and creative design, internal and external marketing, PR and communications, social media, service excellence, leadership development and non-profit operations management. She is currently Director, Staff Learning & Development, Teach For America; President, A2ATD; principal and Chief Learning Officer of Kappa Beta Technology & Instruction; grad student at The University of Michigan; and author of the Learning Leader Blog (,) an emerging technologies resource for 21st century educators. She current is living in Macomb County, MI, with her cat and several Mac and iOS devices.

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