Top 10 Emerging Technologies (MIT)

MIT’s monthly Technology Review. Recently the magazine published its annual list of 10 most significant emerging technologies that will have an impact over the next few years. This year’s TR10 are:

  • Real-time search – get results from people on the network immediately
  • Mobile 3-D (see above) – Samsung’s W960 mobile phone  comes with 3-D video content that can be viewed without special glasses
  • Engineered Stem Cells – these stem cells can be produced from adult cells in unlimited quantities. “Because no human embryos are used to create them, [engineered stem cells] solve two problems that had long plagued researchers: political protest and shortages of material.”
  • Solar Fuel – a company in Cambridge, MA, has created photosynthetic micro-organisms that use sunlight to efficiently convert carbon dioxide into ethanol or diesel.
  • Light-trapping Photovoltaics – nanoparticles are now making solar panels much more efficient and competitive with fossil fuels
  • Social TV – Use your internet ready television set to have a chat with your friends while you are all watching the same program
  • Green Concrete – trap carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in bubbles in concrete as a form of carbon capture
  • Implantable Electronics – Implanted under the skin, an array of light-emitting diodes could signal the concentration in the blood of biomarkers such as insulin. Over time, the array will dissolve away, eliminating the need for surgery to remove the implant.
  • Dual-Action Antibodies – Antibody drugs work by binding to antigens such as extracellular proteins or receptors on a cell’s surface, blocking their ability to function or targeting them for destruction by the immune system. Genentech’s new antibodies can bind to two different antigens, potentially reducing the number of drugs required to treat diseases.
  • Cloud Programming – At the University of California, Berkeley, Joseph Hellerstein thinks he can make it much easier to write complex cloud applications by developing software that takes over the job of tracking data and keeping tabs on what’s happening.

None of the above is “science fiction”, but ideas that are already in development. There is an online article on each of the above technologies. (GW)

10 Emerging Technologies 2010 | MIT Technology Review | May 2010

This is darn exciting stuff. Now if only someone can just answer for me why all this is coming down the pipe, but we’re still riding around on rubber, and not in hovercraft like in Star Wars or in the air like the Jetsons…maybe I should ask someone at MIT?

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