The State of Learning in the Workplace Today

I definitely want to read this more in-depth later, when I have more time; I thought you may want to check it out as well:

The State of Learning in the Workplace Today
By Jane Hart, C4LPT and Internet Time Alliance
Updated: 04 June 2010
I have been working with businesses for over 25 years and have seen how they have moved from classroom training to e-learning in the 90s and early 2000s, as they began to automate the training process by the use of online courses, which they delivered and tracked through learning management systems (LMS) . I also saw the disillusionment with early e-learning: by managers, as it failed to deliver on early promises, and by employees in their unenthusiastic response to the requirement to plough through hours of online courses on their own. To try and offer the best of both worlds, provide cost-effective training and at the same time address the need for human support, the concept of “blended learning” was born. For many organisations, this is very much the state of e-learning in the workplace today. However, we are now beginning to see a new phase of workplace learning …

The emergence of social media

The emergence of social media tools in recent years has changed the face of the Web, moving it from the read-only web to the read-write web, aka Web 2.0, which supports individuals creating their owncontent in a variety of formats, making connections with people, sharing information and experiences and/or collaborating on different activities.


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2 Responses to The State of Learning in the Workplace Today

  1. laura says:

    I usually work with web-based applications like
    I use it for sharing my designs and documents with partners and clients,
    but i guess it can used for other purposes too. If you’re looking for a free solution you should check it out.
    – Laura W.

    • KappaDiva says:

      I definitely will check it out. I’m always on the lookout for new resources I can use and recommend to others.
      Thanks for sharing this 😉

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