New Term – Collagogy: The Art of Enabling Social Learning

Inevitably this was coming, but I like that it’s been coined, because it’s real, whether folks are ready for it or not:

“There are some key differences between how people learn from one another in groups versus how they learn in a traditional classroom situations. Therefore, the strategies that we use to enable learning in groups should be different than they are as traditional teachers or trainers. A new term that might capture this idea is: collagogy. Collagogy is the art of enabling social collaborative or networked learning. “Coll” is a Latin prefix, meaning “with” or “together” common derivative of com- or con-; and “-agogy” is a Greek suffix, meaning “leading, guiding, stimulating, bringing, taking, or promoting.” Combined, the word means leading, guiding, stimulating, etc. together. Think of a similar word – collaborate – which means, “to labor together”. Pedagogy is Greek for “child-leading”, and andragogy is Greek for “man-leading”. Following this format, collagogy could be described as “group-leading”.The details of what collagogy entails will require more thought and will be the premise of future blogs. For now, the basic set of strategies includes:

  • Providing an environment for social/networked/collaborative learning
  • Ensuring that learners have the knowledge and skills necessary to access and use the social learning environment and process effectively
  • Leading the culture change to embrace and employ social learning regularly
  • Designing learning solutions that maximize the social learning process
  • Encouraging informal, as-needed, just-in-time learning
  • Monitoring the social learning environment, communities, and transactions

Originally, I thought collagogy would just apply to adults and that it would be an expansion of Malcolm Knowles’ adult learning principles he called andragogy, but after reviewing the trends in both K-12 and higher education fields, I now believe that collagogy can apply to both children and adults.”

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