Lead and Retain Your Most Talented Employees

They’re the best and brightest, and possibly, some of the tougher ones to manage within your organization.

Why? For starters, they generally don’t like to be led, they generally don’t put a lot of stock in titles or promotions, they know their worth and expect that you do too, and their work had better be interesting because they’re easily bored.

According to “Leading Clever People,” a Harvard Business Review article by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, managers can take steps to harness the talent of the most clever contributors in the workplace and keep them interested enough to stay on board.

To be effective, however, leaders first must understand what makes this segment of the working population different.

Unlike many other workers, these are employees who:

  1. Know their worth.
  2. Know how to obtain funding for projects.
  3. Expect immediate access to managers and higher-ups.
  4. Are connected to extensive networks of knowledge.
  5. Won’t thank you for good leadership.

To retain clever employees and help them perform their best, it’s a good idea to:

  1. Reduce administrative distractions.
  2. Maintain diversity of ideas and encourage innovative thinking.
  3. Make it safe to fail.
  4. Allow clever people to pursue their interests – some may create new business opportunities or your company.
  5. Establish credibility with your clever employees by showing your expertise and how it complements theirs.

Source: Harvard Business Online and BNET. © MMVII WWJ Radio, All Rights Reserved. 


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Learning Leader Tech Ed Advocate Empassioned Educator Perpetual Student Professional Learner Chief Learning Officer Tonya is a learning leader, instructional design, performance support and multimedia communications professional, with nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare, information systems, instructional design and training, web and creative design, internal and external marketing, PR and communications, social media, service excellence, leadership development and non-profit operations management. She is currently Director, Staff Learning & Development, Teach For America; President, A2ATD; principal and Chief Learning Officer of Kappa Beta Technology & Instruction; grad student at The University of Michigan; and author of the Learning Leader Blog (www.learningleader.org,) an emerging technologies resource for 21st century educators. She current is living in Macomb County, MI, with her cat and several Mac and iOS devices.

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