You Already Know This Stuff: April 2007

You Already Know This Stuff: April 2007

“Are we really smarter than fifth graders? It depends on who’s asking the questions. When we really learn to think for ourselves – to get beyond “right” and “wrong” and realize that there’s only “what works” and “what doesn’t,” I think we’ll see some huge strides in our employee engagement scores. When we can learn to internalize the strengths movement that Marcus Buckingham is so passionate about, we might find that we can stop fighting what we “should” be and embrace what we already are.”


About KappaDiva
Learning Leader Tech Ed Advocate Empassioned Educator Perpetual Student Professional Learner Chief Learning Officer Tonya is a learning leader, instructional design, performance support and multimedia communications professional, with nearly 20 years of experience in healthcare, information systems, instructional design and training, web and creative design, internal and external marketing, PR and communications, social media, service excellence, leadership development and non-profit operations management. She is currently Director, Staff Learning & Development, Teach For America; President, A2ATD; principal and Chief Learning Officer of Kappa Beta Technology & Instruction; grad student at The University of Michigan; and author of the Learning Leader Blog (,) an emerging technologies resource for 21st century educators. She current is living in Macomb County, MI, with her cat and several Mac and iOS devices.

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